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Camera Detector™

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Are you constantly on edge, worrying about your privacy being invaded in public places?

It's time to take control with the Camera Detector! This state of the art device is designed to protect you from prying eyes and ensure your personal space remains private.

Say goodbye to the constant fear of hidden cameras lurking in hotels, rented rooms, or even clothing stores.

Safeguard your privacy today with the Camera Detector and regain peace of mind in an increasingly intrusive world.



Don't let hidden cameras ruin your trips or invade your personal space any longer!

Introducing the Camera Detector, a small yet powerful device that fits right into your bag or clothing. With its infrared detection lighting modes, it can effortlessly detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms, public restrooms, rented apartments, locker rooms, and more. Stay protected with its long battery life and enjoy peace of mind wherever you go. Don't let anyone invade your privacy - take control with the Camera Detector today!



Be on high alert with the Camera Detector, designed to safeguard your privacy in this increasingly interconnected world.

- Utilizing advanced infrared detection technology, it acts as the first line of defense against prying eyes and intrusive surveillance.

- With two lighting modes, you can easily identify hidden cameras even in low-light environments. And don't worry about constantly recharging - this device boasts a long battery life to keep you protected round the clock.

- Its mini and compact design allows for discreet carry, ensuring your privacy is always within reach. Plus, with its large-radius detection capability, no camera will go unnoticed. Stay vigilant and protect what matters most.



Protect your privacy and keep your worries at bay with the Camera Detector.

Don't let hidden cameras ruin your trips and invade your personal space.

Whether you're staying in a hotel room, using public restrooms, renting apartments, or visiting locker rooms, be confident that you have the power to detect any unwanted surveillance. Stay vigilant and stay safe.



Stay one step ahead of potential privacy breaches. With our Camera Detector, you can uncover hidden cameras that could invade your personal space.

From sneaky pinhole cameras to disguised micro cameras, pen cameras, or even lighter cameras  our cutting edge technology will help you detect them all. Keep your privacy intact and protect yourself from unwanted surveillance.



Cutting edge technology that can detect even the sneakiest of hidden cameras.

Equipped with a custom-made sensor chip boasting unparalleled sensitivity and a capture rate that puts others to shame.

With advanced 3D sensing capabilities, it can identify and capture non visible lights, ensuring your privacy is protected. Stay one step ahead of potential intrusions.



Detect hidden cameras with ease, ensuring your privacy is protected.

With just a simple turn on and room scan, easily uncover any potential surveillance threats.

Stay vigilant and keep your personal space secure from prying eyes.



Detect cameras with a radius of up to 5 meters, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your privacy and security needs.

Designed to reach even the trickiest corners and high places, so no hidden camera can escape your watchful eye.

Please note that while our detector is effective in most scenarios, there are certain conditions where detecting cameras may be challenging. Specifically, the angle at which the infrared light hits the camera plays a crucial role. If the lighting angle falls outside the range of 45° to 135°, spotting hidden cameras becomes significantly more difficult. Additionally, if the lighting angle exceeds 60° to 120°, expect a drop in brightness levels. Rest assured, we have considered these limitations and strive to provide you with the best detection capabilities possible.



Unleash your anxiety with an impressive battery life that seems almost never ending. Stay worry free for up to 30 days on standby or capture moments non-stop for a full hour after just one full charge.

Please note that the actual battery performance may vary slightly based on individual usage patterns and other factors.


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